GRA and GRA-F standard revolving door

Effective protection against draughts, cold and dirt

Standard revolving doors ensure building entrances are functional, draught-excluding and soundproof. The flexible design and multitude of options allow for individual solutions varying in function, appearance and size. The standard revolving door can be operated manually, semi-automatically by activating the Push&Go function or automatically by activating the radar sensors, as required.
The drum walls may be designed with glass but also with heat-insulated panels of sheet metal. Regardless of the option chosen, user safety is always the top priority. The semi-automatic and automatic revolving door are type-tested by TÜV to DIN 18650 and EN 16005 and comply with the current standards and regulations.

Convincing in detail

  • Individual solutions through variable designs with a multitude of options
  • Turnstile of slim-profile aluminium-glass construction
  • Drum walls made of curved 10 mm laminated safety glass (LSG) or heat-insulated sheet-metal panels
  • GRA-F version with folding leaves, suitable for use in escape and rescue routes. The leaves are held securely with magnetic locks in normal operation
  • Type GRA RC3/GRA-F RC3: tested to EN 1627 in conjunction with inside night sliding doors
  • Minimal crown height: 175 mm GRA, 350 mm GRA-F
  • Electromechanical locking at the turnstile (only for the automatic version) or with mechanical shoot-bolt lock
  • Push & Go function can be activated
  • Speed limiter for manual revolving doors (optional)


  • Complete manufacture of timber
  • Folding mechanism for summer position
  • Manual or automatic night locking
  • Air curtain systems in different versions
  • LED lamps in the ceiling
  • Stainless steel bottom ring
  • Rep floor mat
  • Release-secure flange
  • Horizontal or vertical door handles for manually-operated revolving doors


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