HM-F FT escape route sliding door

Guaranteed escape route even when door is locked

Buildings such as hospitals, hotels and airports as well as residential care homes for the elderly and disabled must always provide an escape option in night mode. During the day the benefits of an automatic sliding door, such as rapid opening, should also be available. Fortunately the first sliding door also to be approved as an escape door when locked is now available from the GU group: the escape route sliding door HM-F FT guarantees the availability of rescue routes and that the building is closed – all in one door element with no other escape door required. This gives architects and planners more freedom when designing prestigious entrances that must comply with the AutSchR (German directive governing automatic sliding doors in rescue routes), EltVTR (German directive governing electrical locking systems on doors in escape routes), and also DIN 18650 and EN 16005.

  • A swing-door fitting integrated into the sliding panel allows the panel to be pushed open in escape direction when the sliding door is closed. During everyday operation, this is prevented by a tested electric escape door strike.
  • In this instance, as is the case with the other redundant escape route sliding doors, the function is guaranteed.
  • In the event of an emergency, the electric escape door strike can be released by pressing the illuminated emergency push-button.
  • The door leaf can be swung open by pushing it gently outwards.
  • This way of opening is also ensured by applying a load to the door leaf in the escape direction.
  • No individual approval by building authority required.


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