BELCANTO series – product features

for narrow stile doors

Spring-supported WDL project hardware guarantees a maintenance-free bearing system for lever handles (= "Wartungsfreie Drücker-Lagerung" = 'WDL'). Axial pulling forces are absorbed due to a very large bearing surface. Radial stresses are absorbed by an 8 mm long, toothed fixing element that holds the lever; the resilient and robust fixing element is patented. The WDL bearing system also features a lubricant reservoir.

Approved in accordance with EN 1906, grade 4.

  • For doors made of: Aluminium, PVC
  • Functional area: Fire protection
  • Opening direction: DIN left, DIN right
  • Active sash: yes
  • Passive sash: yes
  • Area of application: Project door
  • Application: EN 1906, Emergency exits according to EN 179, Fire and smoke protection doors

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