Multi-point locking for doors with enhanced security requirements

Expectations in relation to doors have increased. They need to be secure, comfortable, versatile and durable. It should be possible to incorporate them into an access control system and in escape and rescue routes. They should be barrier-free and tight. SECURY ePOWER – the motor-driven multi-point lock by Gretsch-Unitas – satisfies all these requirements.

The SECURY ePOWER opens, closes and locks the door motor-driven, which is convenient and barrier-free. The three hook bolts make the door particularly secure, and can therefore be used for door systems that satisfy resistance class RC 2 and RC 3. The motor-driven multi-point lock is equipped with a panic function, can be installed in escape and rescue routes and integrated in an access control system. A changeover to daytime release is a convenient option for doors which are frequently used by the public.

By means of the motor, convenient locking and unlocking of the door is provided; the high security standard is provided by the sophisticated mechanics.

The door can be opened from the outside via access control systems, and also of course manually with a key.

GU multi-point locks have been proven to be durable and therefore sustainable: they were subjected to more than 200,000 actuation cycles during durability tests.

  • Multi-point lock with motor-driven locking and unlocking for use in 1-leaf doors
  • Mechanical door release via the locking cylinder is possible at any time
  • The door can be integrated into home automation or building management systems in combination with access control systems
  • Suitable for use in doors up to resistance class RC 3
  • Suitable for timber, steel, narrow stile and PVC door systems (depending on profile)

Escape door system solutions

Maximum security of these systems can only be ensured if all components have been harmonised individually with the building situations and work perfectly together.

Learn more about system solutions for doors in escape and rescue routes of the GU group.

System solutions for doors in escape and rescue routes
Flucht- und Rettungswegsysteme

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