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Reversible key systems

The keys of the BKS reversible key systems are characterised by a symmetry along the longitudinal axis. The reversible key therefore has the same dimples and/or bittings on both sides of the shank. When a key is bitted on one side, it is necessary to bear in mind where the top and bottom is, whereas with a reversible key it makes no difference. This makes locking more convenient as the key can be inserted from either side.

Security is the name of the game: lock bumping protection, featured as standard, takes care of this as well as the emergency function that prevents blocking by inserted keys.

Reversible key systems and their functioning

Cylinder and key as a secure basis

Cylinder and key as a secure basis A major advantage of reversible keys is that they are equipped with copy protection and can only be duplicated by authorized persons with a security card. In addition, the keys and cylinders are protected against unauthorized copying by long patent terms. The reversible key systems also offer flexible expansion options to meet the needs of a changing environment. Mechanical access control can be supplemented and combined with electronic systems to ensure even greater security.

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BKS reversible key systems offer individual and tailor-made solutions and are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards. You may wish to integrate high-quality security technology into your private home with a registered differ or equip a multiple-dwelling building or company premises with a master key system – whatever the case BKS locking cylinders are the right choice.

BKS offers comprehensive services:

  • Planning and ordering
  • Administering and programming master key systems
  • Delivery of duplicate keys

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