• Escaping from the house without having to use the key is possible at any time (which is in the sense of the current case-law relating to multiple-family dwellings)
  • The deadbolt is substituted by an additional Automatic latchbolt positioned below the main lock case
  • Normal function: 3 Automatic latchbolts are triggered to lock the door securely when the door is pulled shut and withdrawn again upon actuation of the lever handle
  • The daytime release function can be activated by authorised users only (through actuation by key and lever handle)
  • Daytime release function (without deadbolt)
  • Permanent electronic release is possible in conjunction with an A-opener kit
  • For locks of the type: Multi-point locks
  • Number of door leafs: Single-leaf
  • For elements of: Timber / steel doors, Aluminium doors / Narrow stile doors, PVC doors
  • Function: Standard function
  • Application: Fire and smoke protection doors
  • Centre lock: Automatic locking
  • Mechanical solutions: Daytime release function
  • Opening from the outside: Key
  • For front doors and exterior doors

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