Intrusion detection system, fire detector technology and SHEV

Fire alarm system

The fire alarm systems for the commercial and industrial sector detect various fire characteristics, such as smoke, heat and CO2, and transmit a fire alarm at the earliest opportunity.

Einbruchmeldeanlage, Brandmeldetechnik und RWA
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Intrusion detection system

The controller is the brain of intrusion detection systems and monitors the security technology in the building. All signals from motion and glass break detectors, light barriers and other sensors converge and are processed here. This controller also forwards control commands to the individual modules.

Feuerwehr Erstinformations-System

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system

Secure escape doors are only one aspect of efficient escape and rescue route systems. Efficient smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are equally important – as fire and the associated build up of heat and smoke represents the greatest danger to persons and buildings.

GU group offers complete SHEV systems as a one-stop service thus simplifying the planning and implementation according to the standards an integral part of the preventative fire protection concept for smoke-free escape and rescue routes.

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Rauch- und Wärmeabzugsanlage

Fire brigade information and control center

Fire brigade control center made of stainless steel, consisting of hollow pillar with holder for key cabinet and function unit with fire brigade display panel, fire department control panel, compartment for 2x40 fire brigade route cards DIN A4 (portrait) and mount for manual call point.

Feuerwehr Erstinformations-System

Escape door solution

The electrically-locking Touch Bar EVT is a locking system characterised by a reduction in the number of individual components and intuitive operation.

In the locked condition, the door is secured to prevent damage due to unauthorised opening attempts. The optional self-locking feature of the panic lock is established automatically by the insurance-compliant locking system.

In an escape situations the door can be released via the emergency push-button of the FTNT escape door control unit by anyone at any time.

The integrated LED indicator lights up red or green to clearly signal the "locked" or "unlocked" status.

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Voice alarm system

A voice alarm system ensures in emergency situations that the endangered persons are quickly acoustically alerted and, in buildings which are accessible by the public, delivers the necessary information on the hazardous situation in each case by making automatic announcements.

The main purpose of a voice alarm system is therefore to quickly inform persons about the corresponding hazardous situation, such as fire, escaping gas, threat of terrorism and similar emergency situations.


Technical details

Intrusion detection system

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