Whoever has the task of ensuring security in prisons is responsible for ensuring the safety of the general public, employees and inmates. This not only means all those who look after the security of the building and technical installations, but also prison staff.

Successful system solutions by ela-soft in the area of high-security technology are already installed in more than 40 prisons.

BKS Vernetzte Welten – Showroom in Velbert

Prison control room and sluice

  • Connection of cell intercom
  • Activation of cell camera
  • Sluice monitoring

Prison cell

  • Vandalism-proof intercom
  • Vandalism-proof camera
  • Locking monitoring of prison cell door
BKS Vernetzte Welten – Showroom in Velbert

Outdoor area

  • Fence detection incl. activation of ground floor plans
  • Activation of mast camera incl. positioning of PTZ camera
  • Activation of floodlight
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Technical details


  • Very high security demands
  • Preventing absconding (escape)
  • Preventing violence against other inmates and prison staff
  • Preventing dealing and distributing prohibited items
  • Preventing prohibited gatherings and meetings between inmates
  • Checking on failure to comply with rules and regulations
  • Preventing riots and organised resistance

This GEMOS solution can also be adapted for:

  • Forensics and forensic clinics
  • Involuntary treatment institutions
  • Youth detention centers
  • Psychiatric hospitals

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