Innovative threshold solutions: Precommissioned and preassembled

As a system supplier, we offer a wide-ranging portfolio of different threshold solutions for PVC, timber or timber-aluminium house entrance doors and balcony-doors.

We already offer preassembled solutions for PVC systems, and we are expanding our range with precommissioned solutions for timber and timber-aluminium systems.

New: Precommissioned system threshold

In addition to our well-proven threshold solutions, we now offer precommissioned thresholds for timber and timber-aluminium profile systems. Each packing unit contains all the components for a defined door element in fixed lengths of 1.2 metres. This product range offers the ideal solution:

  • Flexibility in ordering: The ability to order small quantities means that orders can be matched more precisely to requirements. This optimises stock levels.
  • Reduced storage costs : Thanks to the precommissioned thresholds, there is no need to store individual components. This can save storage costs.
  • Versatility: The new precommissioned thresholds in timber and timber-aluminium profiles are available for a variety of systems, including the system threshold for IV68, IV78 and IV88, as well as the floor-flush system threshold for IV78 and IV88.

Preassembled system threshold

The preassembled threshold for PVC profile systems offers you the option of ordering a largely prefabricated threshold system for a specific door element. All components are delivered tailored, pre-assembled and ready for installation, which leads to a significant reduction in production time and costs.

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