GU acrylic

Joints and cracks that are subject to small loads, in masonry, concrete, plaster and window sills, shutter boxes, baseboards and interior floors.
Not suitable for long-term exposure to water. Drying will be significantly slower at low temperatures and/or high air humidity! In accordance with the current standards (e.g. DIN 18540), elastic sealing compounds should not be completely coated as cracks may form in the inelastic coating in the event of stress or movement. For joints with a maximum movement of 5 %, GU acrylic can be coated once it is completely dry, but the coating used must be able to compensate for movements in the compound. Due to the variety of coating systems available on the market, we recommend carrying out compatibility and adhesion tests in advance.

GU acrylic is a high quality, plasto-elastic, one-component sealant on acrylate dispersion basis.

  • Very easy to work with
  • Solvent- and silicone-free
  • Maximum total deformation 10 %
  • Colourfast, weatherproof and UV-resistant
  • Waterproof after curing
  • Very good adhesion to moist, absorbent substrates
  • Very good coating compatibility once completely cured
  • Can be readily plastered or papered over
  • Area of application: Sealing compounds and smoothing agents

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