GU KSK sheet for structural sealing

with perforated strip

GU KSK sheet for structural sealing protects building components in contact with the ground from moisture in the soil (capillary water, hygroscopic water), non-standing gravitational water (DIN 18195-4) and non-pressurising water (DIN 18195-5, moderate stress), and can be used as a water vapour barrier in the soil region below screed floors. It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces and on all mineral substrates such as sandy limestone, brick, concrete blocks, concrete, cellular concrete, plaster and screed. Moreover, the product can be used as a damp course against rising damp to form Z or L flashing in veneer masonry.

Application examples

  • Basements of residential and commercial buildings
  • Foundations
  • Floor panels
  • Underground car parks
  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Wetrooms
  • Supporting walls
  • To form Z or L flashing in veneer masonry
  • Not suitable for sealing flat roofs and tanks

GU KSK sheet for structural sealing is a self-adhesive, flexible, crack-bridging sealing membrane made of polymer-modified bitumen which is applied to one side of a tear-resistant, cross-laminated HDPE carrier film. The 50-mm wide vulcanisation strip is made of pure compound. This serves to ensure better bonding between the materials by sticking compound on to compound, thus ensuring even better sealing.

  • Clean, simple and hence time-saving to work with
  • Water vapour transmission value sd = approx. 150 m
  • Sealing, vapour-retarding effect
  • Immediately watertight and impermeable to driving rain
  • Tear-proof and crack-bridging
  • Solvent-free
  • No contamination of groundwater
  • Area of application: Weather protection – external

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