GU-968/200 mZ


For large and heavy elements of up to 200 kg sash weight

The GU-966/200 mZ and GU-968/200 mZ Tilt&Slide systems are the appropriate solution for timber, PVC and aluminium windows and balcony-doors with sash weights up to 200 kg and sash widths up to 2000 mm. The 'mZ' locking mechanism with power control feature provides best possible operating comfort and safe functioning for elements with large and heavy sashes. The force-controlled stays ensure that the sash is pulled against the gasket evenly at closing and pushed away again evenly at opening. The robust design of the hardware ensures its faultless functioning over many years despite the heavy sash weights. Thanks to the innovative design of the bogies, the sliding sashes move easily and accurately to any desired position. The programme is rounded off by ergonomic aluminium turn handles allowing for one-hand operation.

  • for window frame material: Aluminium
  • Flügelfalzbreite min. (in mm): 740
  • Flügelfalzbreite max. (in mm): 2000
  • Flügelfalzhöhe min. (in mm): 865
  • Flügelfalzhöhe max. (in mm): 2400
  • Flügelgewicht max. (in mm): 200

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