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Smart Security – security for flexible application

The area of Smart Security by BKS is continuously being developed and expanded. Smart Security is a term used to describe intelligent harmonized security systems for private homes and companies.

Solutions are available for an extensive range of applications: from CCTV systems, intrusion detection systems and video intercom systems in private houses through to customer-specific versions for companies. A great deal of value is placed on the reliability, the quality and the interaction between the products. Recordings can be conveniently accessed locally, via Internet browser or app via remote monitoring.

Although security should reflect the highest technical standards it should not be complicated. Particular attention has been paid to this aspect with BKS Smart Security products. Installation, commissioning and subsequent use are made easier through intuitive operation and straightforward installation.

Video systems

The effectiveness of a CCTV system in deterring would-be perpetrators cannot be underestimated. This is because the progression of events is documented, which gives the police an essential starting point to their enquiries. The video images are recorded in real time which means you can see when danger is looming in advance and take appropriate countermeasures if necessary. The recordings can be accessed locally, using Internet browser or using an app via remote monitoring.

  • Straightforward installation, thanks to automatic camera detection
  • Video motion detection and private zone masking (switching off public areas)
  • Real-time display and recording in Full HD (1080 pixels and higher)
  • Compact design for indoor and outdoor use (with IP and IK protection)
  • Integrated LEDs for nighttime operation
  • Integrated video analyses and artificial intelligence, e.g. movement/face detection, people counting, intrusion or trip wire
  • Automatic saving on micro SD card in camera available as option
  • Special features:
  • Straightforward installation, thanks to automatic camera detection
  • Video motion detection and private zone masking for switching off public areas
  • Real-time display and recording in Full HD up to 4K
  • Compact design for indoors and outdoors (IP) including protection against solar irradiation
  • Integrated infrared LEDs for nighttime operation
  • Automatic saving on micro SD card available as option
  • Integrated artificial intelligence filters out waving trees or rain, for example, as well as other versions such as people counting, trip wire, etc.
  • In Germany, eligible for grants from the KfW (German credit institute for reconstruction)
  • Power supply to cameras via PoC (Power over Coax) or PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Intrusion detection systems

Smart Security alarm systems by BKS can be controlled from home, or when on the move via the app. Switching between arming and disarming can be done via PIN code, handheld transmitter or app. The system uses an encrypted wireless protocol and automatic multi-channel frequency selection for secure wireless transmission.

  • Straightforward installation, thanks to detector pre-configuration and intuitive operation
  • Hybrid controller for 125 wireless detectors and emergency backup battery
  • Integrated GSM/GPRS module for autonomous alarm transmission
  • Passive infrared motion detectors with acceleration sensor and anti-masking system for alarm triggering in the event of sabotage
  • Hand-held transmitter with visual and acoustic checkback signal
  • Extensions for external devices (e.g. detectors, garages or roller shutters) are possible

Video intercom systems

The video intercom systems, in 2-wire and IP technology, are equipped with a megapixel camera which generates a high-contrast image that can be called up via an app. Two-way communication and opening of the door is possible via the app. The video intercom systems are suitable for single-family homes and apartment buildings.

  • Integrated intercom, camera module and bell push-button
  • High-resolution camera with infrared LEDs for nighttime mode
  • Aluminium version
  • Weather and vandalism protection (IP/IK)
  • Horizontal camera viewing angle (160°) for optimum field of view
  • On-wall housing (optional in-wall housing available)
  • 7" touchscreen monitor including microphone, speaker and door opener function
  • Recording from audio and video to SD card available as option

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