Ideally suited for small and light elements of up to 90 kg sash weight

The GU-90 oZ hardware system including central locking mechanism is the solution for small timber, PVC or aluminium elements. The central locking mechanism consists of high-quality Tilt&Turn hardware components. All locking points feature the 'CLEVERLE' mushroom cam which cleverly adjusts clearance tolerances between window and frame. The 'oZ' locking mechanism does not feature force-controlled stays. The sash moves in parallel with the frame and cannot warp. From a sash rebate width of 1200 mm, the stays are connected in a way to ensure that the sash is pressed towards the frame gasket evenly over its total width. Thanks to the linkage being integrated in the guide track at the top and the slim design of the bogies, an elegant appearance is achieved. The programme is rounded off by ergonomic aluminium turn handles allowing for one-hand operation.

  • for window frame material: Timber
  • Flügelfalzbreite min. (in mm): 700
  • Flügelfalzbreite max. (in mm): 1600
  • Flügelfalzhöhe min. (in mm): 700
  • Flügelfalzhöhe max. (in mm): 2350
  • Flügelgewicht max. (in mm): 90

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