GU-966/100 oZ bb


Living comfort without barriers

In conjunction with the GU DKS threshold, the GU-966/100 oZ bb Tilt&Slide hardware system enables door elements to be completely flush with the floor. The maximum threshold height is 20 mm.The hardware system can be installed in all standard timber and PVC profiles (sash configuration pattern A). GU-966/100 oZ bb, of course, offers all benefits the Tilt&Slide hardware range from GU is known for, eg delightfully easy operation by turn handle. All locking points feature the 'CLEVERLE' mushroom cam which cleverly adjusts possible differences in the clearance between sash and frame. The 'oZ' locking mechanism does not feature force-controlled stays. The sash moves in parallel with the frame and cannot warp. The stays are connected with a metal rod, so the gasket pressure is distributed evenly over the total sash width.

  • for window frame material: Timber
  • Flügelfalzbreite min. (in mm): 640
  • Flügelfalzbreite max. (in mm): 1600
  • Flügelfalzhöhe min. (in mm): 700
  • Flügelfalzhöhe max. (in mm): 2350
  • Flügelgewicht max. (in mm): 100

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