Loom Bielefeld is a shopping center operated by ECE Projektmanagement in Bielefeld in the Mitte district, directly in the pedestrian zone between Bahnhofstraße, Stresemannstraße and Zimmerstraße.

The name Loom refers to the historical location where Bielefeld's first sewing machine factory used to be. For a long time, Bielefeld itself was a centre of the linen industry. The shopping centre is located within the pedestrian zone of Bielefeld city centre between the main railway station and the old town, which starts at Jahnplatz from the direction of the railway station.

At the centre of the building is an elliptical plaza over 4 floors, which are bridged by a 24-metre-long escalator. The theme of linen is taken up in many places architecturally and in the furnishings.

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