Providence Tower, London

The Providence Tower is a luxurious residential complex in London Docklands that occupies a 8.2 hectare site on the banks of the River Thames – only a stone's throw from Canary Wharf. It consists of two buildings, the Tower and the Bar Building, that visually connect but are structurally independent of one another. The tower is a 136 metre high 45-storey elliptical building containing owner-occupied apartments. The Bar Building is a half-moon shaped, 12-storey building which offers affordable living space in the form of low cost housing, rented apartments and a handful of owner-occupied apartments.

Lindner-Group was responsible for the design, production and installation of the custom-made facade systems. A thermally-isolated aluminium curtain-wall facade was chosen for the tower. The many facets of this system, such as balconies, sliding doors, glass balustrades and viewing gallery, underscore the multi-dimensional appearance of the building. In the Bar Building, window and glass door elements alternate with terracotta curtain wall panels mounted in the prefabricated aluminium facade whose rhythm is interrupted by free-hanging balconies and individual setback terraces.

GU solution: Projecting Top-Hung hardware for the windows in the facade