Sachs exhibition, ZF Museum

A testament to industrial history – conversion of old factory hall into a museum

An impressive exhibition which covers an area of 850 m² awaits visitors to this former production building on the factory premises of ZF Friedrichshafen AG in Schweinfurt. It contains countless exhibits, fascinating participation areas and interactive computer screens which bring the impressive history of the company Fichtel & Sachs and development of the SACHS brand to life.

As the site on which the factory premises to be converted to a museum was not necessarily a prime location, the architects designed a grand gesture to communicate its new meaning clearly to the outside. A powerful "all-over concept" was therefore developed for the facades as prelude to the sequences of spaces.

A screen wall made of metal fabric forms a new element which is set forward from the building and echoes the brick facades behind it and lends the building a more commanding presence on the street. The entrance to the museum area itself is signalled visually by a glass canopy and a revolving door which is also used as a barrier-free escape door.

A section of hall to the side of the exhibition area itself serves as a foyer and office area for administration and inventory management. A spacious entrance hall welcomes visitors and the offices which are separated off to one side.

The entrance area has a consciously low key design and follows the logic of the spatial sequence, which successively increases. This culminates in the exhibition area itself, thus maximising its impact.

The spatial impression of the high exhibition hall has been retained. The internal building shell is an authentic testimonial to the industrial history of Schweinfurt and has itself become an exhibit and integral to the overall presentation.

Conversion of the industrial hall wins German Design Award 2016

In 2016, the museum won the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Communications Design – Architecture". The international jury was particularly impressed by "...the successful conversion of an industrial hall into a museum". The German Design Award is an international premium prize and one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world.

Source: BAURCONSULT Architekten Ingenieure

GU solution: 360-degree sliding door system (barrier-free, escape door)