Dollar Bay

The development includes a gym with a view of the dock, a private garden with children's playground, underground parking, bicycle parking and 24-hour concierge service.

The distinctive crystalline shape of the building is based on a sophisticated plan. The tower is divided into two primary structures connected by a central spine structure, with the larger part facing west and the smaller one facing east. The structural shape of the tower minimises the floor at the base, creating additional space for a public space.

Like a lighthouse, Dollar Bay is a highly visible landmark for the new urban development and is a striking addition to the Canary Wharfs skyline. There is a marvelous view of the Thames from here. The public space offers a landscaped setting, outdoor seating and a café.

The building received an award for sustainable construction with features such as conservatories, which serve as a thermal buffer to the fully glazed building. These create their own microclimate that responds to all weather conditions and provides natural ventilation. It is the first time that London's dock water has been used for the cooling system of a residential building, which also helps maintain the slim appearance of the building as no unsightly and noisy installation is visible from the outside. The innovative energy-efficient cooling system is designed to cut costs and reduce CO2 footprint.

GU solution: Special drive for Tilt-Only windows which make a pivot and position-based checkback signal possible in connection with the GU control unit. The control unit evaluates the information of the drive and converts it for the customer-provided KNX system (BUS system for building system automation) and manages the communication between the two controls. In addition, special window restrictors are installed in the Projecting Top-Hung windows.