Getty, 501 West 24th Street

The Getty is a dynamic 12-story residential building located on 501 West 24th Street in Manhattan's coveted West Chelsea neighbourhood. This architectural sculpture consists of six bespoke apartments, an art gallery and an art museum. Located at the corner of Tenth Avenue, the property is located in the up-and-coming art district overlooking the High Line.

The focus on art and design also extends to the apartments and interiors. The use of different types of stone, marble and wood from over 80 countries, guarantees that no two apartments have the same design. The residents of the Penthouse Duplex also have access to a roof terrace with panoramic views of the skyline and a private pool.

Each of the 166 window panes in the building - some almost seven metres high - is different. They were designed in Germany and manufactured in Italy.

GU solution: Motor-driven solution for windows