The Porte de l'Europe in Kirchberg has a new face. In the immediate vicinity of the Philharmonie, the high-rise building, the towers of the European Court of Justice and the EU Parliament, the Infinity project is a new building complex with shops, restaurants, offices and flats. The block is made up of three areas. In front is the smaller tower, with office space. The middle section of the complex houses 22 restaurants and shops on 6,500 square metres. Behind it: the tall residential tower. There are 165 luxury flats on 25 floors.

The techniques used for the façades are a double-skin curtain wall for the office building, a single-skin curtain wall for the residential building and a curtain wall mullion façade for the shopping centre.

The proportions of the tower have been thought through to maximise the number of rooms with direct daylight. The vast majority of units face south, with the remainder facing east and west.

The building skin is clad with transparent and opaque vertical components. They create a nuanced organic pattern while serving sustainability goals. Loggias transform into winter gardens that can be used all year round. When closed, they merge with the main façade.

GU solution: turn-only windows in flush-mounted design. For this purpose, filigree hinges were developed that are concealed in the rebate, ALU-JET 10 fittings with lock, gear and rotation limiter. Permanent function test and sash weights up to 250 kg.