UniCredit Bank Austria

In mid-2013, the Austrian subsidiary of UniCredit took the decision to refurbish the branch network - an investment of over €100 million. As well as purely self-service branches and flagship locations, certain branches were earmarked for modernisation. These “new-style branches” offer the customer “a new dimension of banking” – with innovative technology and a completely new service concept, as well as an open design and contemporary architecture.

This was implemented in the Salzburg branch using floor-to-ceiling glass walls that separate the self-service area from the cashiers while retaining the open and transparent aesthetic. During the bank's opening hours, the glass walls can be automatically retracted so that the space is completely open. Here, the sashes are parked in two separate areas in a space-saving arrangement. They have been expertly adapted to fit with the existing architecture. This solution was put in place by our longstanding partner, Weissofner Glas + Metall in Schwarzach.

GU solution: all-glass sliding walls