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Industrial doors

Overhead door systems by GU Automatic provide access to large warehouses, industrial facilities and also underground car parks. Long-term functionality of these kinds of overhead doors is particularly important, as they are often linked to complex production or logistics processes which if interrupted could result in significant costs. Gretsch-Unitas offers high-quality products in the area of industrial doors to provide suitable visually appealing solutions in every area of application.


Sectional doors

The sectional doors are based on a double-walled PU foam-filled panel construction. They are particularly resilient and are therefore suitable for use in industrial environments. They are extremely functional and rugged, yet are also visually appealing due to the modern design, which means they can be individually adapted to the factory building.

Roller-shutter doors and rolling grills

Owing to their space-saving roller technology with only a few components, roller-shutter doors and rolling grills made of aluminium and steel are particularly economical. They roll up neatly behind the lintel. No hall space is lost at the sides and in the ceiling area. High-speed doors are rugged and durable which makes them suitable for indoor/outdoor use. They ensure a smooth flow of traffic and reduce energy losses to a minimum.

High-speed doors

Not only security standards and operating procedures in industry are becoming more and more demanding – energy efficiency is increasing in importance too. High-speed roller doors open and close extremely quickly and therefore ensure, in addition to optimised processes, that temperatures in production halls and businesses remain constant.

The draught-inhibiting PVC roller doors satisfy hygiene standards and are therefore also used in the food industry and in pharmaceutical and chemical production.

You will find the right solution for more or less any application in the comprehensive range of GU overhead doors.

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