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A building is only really secure when authorised access is reliably regulated. A good access control system ensures security and convenience by denying access to unauthorised persons and granting access to authorised persons. To strike a good balance between convenient access, a high degree of building security and straightforward administration, an overall system that can be individually adapted to the on-site requirements is required. GU group and BKS, one of its traditional brands, is an expert partner to architects, planners and building operators, and also fabricators and security hardware dealers with the aim of providing safe and convenient access to buildings.

The Gretsch-Unitas group is an international market leader in window and door technology as well as automatic entrance and building management systems and is therefore an expert in mechanical and electronic access control – from house entrance door concept through to complex master key system in the project. True to our guiding principle “Securing technology for you” we support clients from the planning stage through to implementation of the controlled access system for new build and retrofit projects, or when reordering components.

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