Safe movement of the Lift&Slide door

Over the years there has been a strong development in the trend towards large-format Lift&Slide doors with maximum opening widths. The Lift&Slide sashes, which are also installed in commercial or public buildings and are also used by different people, are becoming increasingly heavier. It is important to ensure they can be moved safely and easily, without causing injury to persons, or damage to the element or building structure. The experience and technical prowess of Gretsch-Unitas gives it the leading edge which is proving to be successful in moving large and heavy Lift&Slide elements comfortably and safely.

  • HS SilentClose: the Lift&Slide sash brakes when opening or closing a few centimetres before reaching the end position then moves automatically to the end position.
  • HS StopUnit: the Lift&Slide sash stops safely before the end position and is then pushed manually into its end position and locked
  • HS SpeedLimiter: uncontrolled acceleration of the sliding sash is prevented by limiting the speed
  • Handle damper: ensures rebound-free controlled rotational movement of the turn handle
  • Buffer S: the rubber buffer brakes the sash when it is opened with a high momentum to avoid damage to the Lift&Slide sash and frame
  • Tension spring in Lift&Slide gear: reduces the operating force on the turn handle
  • Lowering safeguard: light window sashes are closed tight and controlled
  • RONDO 400 mm extended handle: barrier-free use of handle
  • Roller unit: Lift&Slide sashes can be moved easily

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