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The services of the business area offer all-encompassing solutions for networked building security. It represents a response by our group to the increasing demands of the market and customers. The offering is aimed at architects, planning consultants, project developers, property developers, medium-sized enterprises and public companies.

Networked security concept

The non-manufacturer-specific GEMOS physical security information and hazard management system offers interfaces for nearly all security systems available on the market. Thus, these and all products of the GU group can be networked using the advanced physical security information system.

BKS networked worlds

Opening of the showroom in Velbert

Electronic and mechanical security solutions are displayed across 1000 square metres, showcasing expertise covering the various requirements of system solutions for access control, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, hazard models, escape and rescue routes. The showroom provides a space for customers to discuss solutions, ideas and suggestions.

Customers, partners and associations can also use the premises to host their own events.

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Areas of BKS Connect



From the development of cross-trade safety concepts through to preparation of quotation.

Analysis of business processes, security and optimisation concepts, outline planning by specialised planners, cost estimates, creation of performance specification, bills of quantities and functional tenders, detailed plans and as-completed drawings.



Project implementation and project management on the building site to flexibly coordinate the many different trades and professionally complete a wide variety of tasks. Hardware and software solutions for uncompromising safety inside and outside buildings



A comprehensive one-stop service – from project management through to installation and commissioning to individually tailored services and maintenance.

Individual project solutions for different sectors

With BKS Connect, we ensure coordinated security by providing customised solutions in different sectors. In doing so we focus on reconciling various facets of life with the architectural and constructional constraints of modern construction projects.


In addition to medical care, comfort and ambience are important factors to consider when choosing a clinic. In order also to ensure a high degree of well-being, comfort and security as well as high-quality medical care, higher-level solutions are required. In this case the demographic transformation should be considered, in addition to ensuring sufficient flexibility and clear transparency of costs. Security solutions in clinics and hospitals must be geared towards the patient.

BKS Connect has solutions for individual security measures, such as fire alarm and intruder detection systems, nurse call systems, building control systems and access control systems.

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Nowadays hotels face special security demands. A high degree of flexibility and straightforward administration of master key systems are significant criteria and the bigger the hotel, the more significant they are.

BKS Connect equips a hotel for all security requirements: an electronic locking system with cards for the room doors and entrance area ensures that authorised persons can access the building – also late in the evening when the reception is closed. Every card is programmed individually, also to avoid complications due to changes in personnel. Every time of entry and the length of stay, e.g. of the chamber maid, is recorded and in the event of a theft can be used for clarification.

BKS – Vernetzte Gebäudesicherheit Hotel
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Shopping centre

Whether prevention, deterrence or pursuance of perpetrators: without an all-encompassing security concept in the wholesale and retail trade, losses are unavoidable. To achieve the best possible results, professional networking of the implemented security measures is required.

BKS Connect is here the right choice. The security risks for customers can kept to a minimum with solutions that combine the latest security technology with special products for the commercial and retail sector.

BKS – networked building security, shopping centre
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Petrol station

Special challenges exist in relation to security at petrol stations. Roughly 600 attacks at take place at 14 000 petrol stations around Germany every year. Huge losses also occur due to roughly 270 incidents of petrol theft every day – which adds up to a total of around EUR 20 million annually. High frequency of customers and changing personnel are just some of the challenges. GU group also has the right solutions tailored to this industry.

GU group supports petrol station tenants by providing tailor-made solutions, e.g. automatic entrance systems, video surveillance systems including high-resolution cameras or intruder detection systems with panic buttons.

BKS – Vernetzte Gebäudesicherheit Tankstelle
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Whoever has the task of ensuring security in prisons is responsible for ensuring the safety of the general public, employees and inmates. This not only means all those who look after the security of the building and technical installations, but also prison staff.

Successful system solutions by ela-soft – a company of the GU group – in the area of high-security technology are already installed in more than 40 prisons.

BKS – Vernetzte Gebäudesicherheit JVA
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Datacentre - security for data processing centres

In its IT Basic Protection Compendium 2019, the Federal OFFICE for Information Security (BSI) not only describes the protection of data in the network, but also devotes individual chapters to the infrastructure of the building, the data processing centre and the server room. To ensure a data centre is operated securely, monitored entrances, mechanical and electronic burglar protection and video surveillance are required.

GEMOS DatacenterControl was specially developed to meet the security requirements of a modern data processing centre to protect data against unauthorised access or destruction due to natural disasters or burglaries.

BKS – Vernetzte Gebäudesicherheit Datacenter
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Office and administration

Security training is a requirement in office and administration buildings. Long-term employees of a company already know what they need to do in the event of danger. But what about external service providers who move round the building without restriction? In a large office centre in Berlin, more than 650 doors needed to be modified as alarmed escape doors to meet the statutory requirements. Using an escape door security system with a programmable controller was out of the question, as this would have made the installer and user dependent on the manufacturer.

GU group provided the solution: modular networked escape door security system that no longer requires programming, and just needs to be configured. Using a matrix, all functions were coordinated and implemented jointly with the user. With this solution, the customer can make any functional changes that may be required in future to individual control units in seconds.

BKS – Vernetzte Gebäudesicheheit Büro- und Verwaltung
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Multiple dwelling

Energy efficiency regulations and safety requirements have a decisive impact on the equipment used in modern residential units. The challenge here is not to lose sight of comfort and efficiency of operation of larger units.

BKS Connect creates sustainable solutions that ensure a sustainable high quality of living and therefore play an important role in retaining the value of the building.

BKS – Vernetzte Gebäudesicherheit Wohneinheit
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Single-family house

From mechanical protection to electronic solutions through to intelligent smart home products – all from one source, e.g. hardware technology, lock and cylinder systems or Lift&Slide systems with extensive areas of glazing for use in modern house construction.

Flexibility, comfort and security – BKS Connect offers these benefits for residential projects. The large product portfolio of GU group ensures flexible solutions, comfort due to straightforward operation and safety due to the perfect interaction of all components.

BKS – Vernetzte Gebäudesicherheit Eigenheim
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In situations where many people congregate every day, all relevant security processes must be perfectly coordinated and function in real time. GEMOS, the advanced physical security information management system by ela-soft, powered by BKS Connect has been used in airport security for more than 17 years with great success. Only existing security systems of the fire detection and video systems, access control systems and intruder detection systems were integrated at the outset, and the telecommunication system, building control system, networks and baggage handling monitoring system, which also already existed, subsequently followed.

This shows just how flexible and adaptable GEMOS is. This flexibility makes BKS Connect very suitable for meeting the demands of many different security processes.

BKS – Vernetzte Gebäudesicherheit Flughafen
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Colleges are organised in many different ways: distributed across a city, brought together on one campus or occupying one building only. To deal with the various security risks, a security concept tailored to individual requirements is indispensable.

GU group has many years of experience in security technology, which is why a college is safer and more efficient with BKS Connect.

BKS – Vernetzte Gebäudesicherheit Campus
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BKS GmbH certified according to DIN 14675 – Fire detection and fire alarm systems

For each operating phase of fire alarm and voice alarm systems, BKS has the certificates required by the DIN 14675, which serve as proof of conformity with the requirements of DIN 14675:2018-04.

This includes the planning, design, assembly, installation, commissioning, acceptance, servicing and maintenance, whether for new systems or for expansions, modifications and adaptations of existing systems.

DIN 14675 specifies requirements for the construction and operation of systems for fire detection, warning and alerting in and around buildings with special consideration of building regulations and fire brigade requirements. It is drawn up by the Firefighting and Fire Protection Standards Committee (FNFW) and describes the professional installation and operation of fire alarm systems that trigger a direct notification of the fire brigade. It is applied in Germany and covers all fire brigade-relevant topics such as connection and standardised fire brigade peripherals.

We also provide this service in connection with our management system (PSIM) GEMOS and offer our customers a visualisation of all safety components, among other things.

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