Loom Bielefeld is a shopping centre located in the middle of the pedestrian zone between Bahnhofstrasse, Stresemannstrasse and Zimmerstrasse in the centre of Bielefeld and is run by ECE Projektmanagement.

The name Loom is intended to pay homage to the location’s history as the centre is located on the site of one of Bielefeld’s first sewing machine factory. Bielefeld was the centre of the linen industry for a long time. The shopping centre is located in the pedestrian zone in Bielefeld city centre between the main train station and the edge of the old town, which starts at Jahnplatz when walking from the direction of the station.

In the centre of the building, there is an elliptical plaza spread across 4 floors and connected by a 24-metre escalator. The theme of linen is reflected in the architecture and fittings in many areas of the shopping centre.

GU solution: motor-driven shoot-bolt locks, panic locks, barrier-free access and security