Additional packages for Lift&Slide doors

The extra equipment offers a modular system allowing the individual demands of end users to be met with regard to convenience, security and functionality. Existing Lift&Slide elements can be upgraded to the state of the art in this way.

HS LiftUnit

The ever increasing size and weight of the glazing in Lift&Slide elements means that greater operating forces are required to move them – the handle torque increases noticeably and the Lift&Slide door becomes more difficult to operate. The HS LiftUnit supports the bogie when lifting the active sash. This halves the torque that must be applied to the handle. This makes operation significantly easier for the user, also with sashes weights of 100 kg or more.

  • Faster, easier installation thanks to pre-mounted components
  • Suitable for all sash patterns
  • For leaf weights of up to 600 kg
  • Assembly friendly: the HS LiftUnit is used in combination with the bogie GU-934 or GU-937 and GU-937 N22.
  • A change to the bogie groove or leaf geometry is not
    required – production remains the same.
  • Maintenance-free component
HS LiftUnit
  • Halving the operating force when lifting the window sash
  • Concealed installation – the HS LiftUnit is concealed in the sash frame
  • No change to operation of the Lifts&Slide door
  • Straightforward retrofitting during renovations
  • If the glass panes need to be replaced during a renovation project, causing the element weight to increase, retrofitting an HS LiftUnit is not only recommended, it is also very easy to do.

Pre-assembled GU-thermostep threshold

With the GU-thermostep 164 and 204, a service is available that gives the fabricator the opportunity to order a threshold that has been completely cropped to the required dimension, pre-drilled and pre-assembled. This reduces manufacturing time and manufacturing expenditure which in turn reduces costs for the fabricator.

It is delivered in a packing unit according to customer requirements, including system-dependent accessories.

  • No stock keeping of individual parts, so reduced inventory size and warehouse costs
  • No offcuts and leftover amounts
  • Reduced manufacturing time and costs
  • Reduction of errors when cropping to size
  • Reduction of errors when calculating and ordering the threshold

High degree of prefabrication

The scope of delivery includes the threshold and all necessary accessory parts, cut to the required length, mounted and fixed with screws. The corner connectors are mounted and all required sealing work is done.

The following hardware articles can be ordered made to measure:

  • Drip rail extensions (25, 40, 60 mm)
  • Vertical profile extensions
  • Lift&Slide gears BS 27.5 and BS 37.5
  • The bogies are fully pre-mounted together with the connecting rod, which has been cropped to the required length, and are matched to the sash weight
  • The guide rail is cropped to the right length, includes accessories, and is matched to the corresponding profile system
  • L&S handle damper and tension spring matched to the sash weight
  • HS CleanUnit (mounted on the bogie)
  • HS LiftUnit and handle damper as Standard version for sash weights up to 200 kg and Heavy version for sash weights up to 400 kg
  • Optionally with turn handle DIRIGENT, BELCANTO, RONDO

More extra equipment for Lift&Slide hardware from Gretsch-Unitas

  • The L&S night vent module combines burglar protection with optimum ventilation comfort. Elements with integrated L&S night vent module are RC 2-tested to DIN V ENV 1627, which means they are securely locked even in the ventilation position.
  • HS SilentClose: the Lift&Slide sash brakes when opening or closing a few centimetres before reaching the end position then moves automatically to the end position.
  • HS StopUnit: the Lift&Slide sash stops safely before the end position and is then pushed and locked manually into its end position.
  • HS SpeedLimiter: uncontrolled acceleration of the sliding sash is prevented by limiting the speed to 0.2 m/s.
  • The handle damper ensures rebound-free controlled rotational movement of the turn handle.
  • The rubber buffer S brakes the sash when it is opened with a high momentum to avoid damage to the Lift&Slide sash and frame.
  • The tension spring in Lift&Slide gear reduces the operating force on the turn handle. It offers an alternative to the HS LiftUnit, but with a significantly reduced operating force.
  • Thanks to the lowering safeguard, light window sashes are closed in a tight and controlled manner.
  • The anti-jemmy device prevents the sliding sash from being lifted in the closed position.
  • Thanks to the RONDO turn handle extended to a length of 400 mm, the turn handle can be comfortably operated, e.g. from a sitting position.
  • The bogies ensure easy movement of the Lift&Slide sashes.

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