BKS multi-point locks for 1-leaf timber and steel doors

When pulled shut, the door locks automatically at two points. The latch acts as a second deadbolt. The lock is actuated by the trigger lever which is integrated into the latchbolt. Thus ensuring that the lock is not locked until the door leaf is in its final closed position. This avoids malfunctions.

The exterior and interior lever handle are coupled when energised, i.e. access can be controlled electrically. Access can be controlled electronically by means of a card reader, an intercom, a time switch or an access control system.

In versions with monitoring contacts the status of the individual lock components is also queried electrically via integrated switches. During a rescue operation by the fire brigade, for example, the door can be opened from outside by operating the mechanical profile cylinder.

Fail-secure: exterior and interior lever handle decoupled without current.
Fail-safe: exterior lever handle coupled without current.

Mehrfachverriegelung SECURY 21

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