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Security with integral management and access control system

GEMOS is the leading browser-based advanced physical security information system (PSIM). It is a range of products comprising software, hardware, accessories and services. As a software-based graphical management platform, GEMOS supports the technical and organizational implementation of all types of hazard prevention.

GEMOS is an incredibly flexible manufacturer-neutral system. "We have developed around 900 interfaces which can integrate not only our own systems from the GU group, but also a wide range of solutions from other manufacturers, thus providing the entire control, operation and monitoring of safety-related equipment and buildings. In this way, a wide variety of industry-specific solutions can be implemented. Different systems can be integrated and displayed uniformly on a single interface, for example fire alarm systems, intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, access control, escape door control and sluice control, intercom and cell call systems, lighting control, air conditioning and lift control as well as building management systems. The modular system allows scalable solutions from single-user to company-wide multi-user systems.

In 2020 ela-soft GmbH received the LenelS2 certification within the scope of the LenelS2® OpenAccess Alliance Program

The LenelS2 certification means that GEMOS participates in the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP). GEMOS interfaces with the OnGuard®access control system using approved OnGuard APIs. The advantage for users is that the GEMOS system automatically detects changes to devices in the OnGuard system and displays these changes in the GEMOS system. Consequently GEMOS remains synchronised with ongoing expansions or changes in the security structure.

GEMOS 5 Next Generation PSIM

The GEMOS 5 "Next Generation PSIM" was launched on the market at the end of 2021. GEMOS 5 marks a fundamental redesign of GEMOS PSIM (advanced physical security information system) from the core to the modular structure, new user interfaces (GUI) and master data management.

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Sector-specific solutions

Individual project solutions for different sectors.

Sector-specific solutions

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