Installation material

Basic requirements for structures

The fundamental requirements to be met by buildings and the essential properties of construction products are defined in the European Construction Products Regulation (BauPVO). Alongside the basic requirements "Mechanical strength and stability", "Fire protection", "Hygiene, health and the environment", "Protection against noise", "Safety and accessibility in use" and "Sustainable use of natural resources", the Regulation also lists "Energy conservation and thermal protection" as a requirement that must be implemented.

Cutting-edge sealing technology (EnEV)

In Germany, the regulations go further, requiring compliance with the latest technology (EnEV).

"Buildings should be constructed in such a way that the heat-transmitting surface area, including joints, is sealed in accordance with the state of the art so as to be durably impermeable to air."(Energy Saving Regulation)

The air tightness of the building envelope saves energy for heating and prevents serious structural damage. Moreover, it increases the comfort and cosiness of the building and its value to the user.

An air tightness concept for the whole building needs to be developed during the planning stage. The physics of construction means that the air-tight layer should always be constructed on the inside to prevent penetration of warm moist internal air into the building component.


If internal air is able to penetrate into the building component, care must be taken to ensure that moisture condensing in the region of the thermal insulation profile does not cause damage. The principle of "a better seal inside than outside" applies.

It should also be borne in mind that, in addition to a functioning internal air-tight layer, protection against driving rain is needed on the outside. because if moisture flows through the insulating materials, this destroys the thermal insulation capacity.

The construction products used in each case should be coordinated in such a way that, together, they produce a durable seal which complies with the standards mentioned above, creating an air-tight sealing system.


Installation material for windows and doors

The range of Gretsch-Unitas construction accessories includes a comprehensive harmonised range of installation material for use in the following areas:

  • Sealing systems
  • Building chemicals
  • Fastening technology
  • Glazing technology
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