The Lexicon

The Lexicon, 261 City Road, is the main focal point within a complex of three buildings developed by Mount Anvil in cooperation with Affinity Sutton. With its 36 storeys it is the highest building in Islington.

Each of the three buildings has its own character. The use of the same materials and details, however, creates a link between them. The Tower has an innovative curtain wall façade with a ventilated double-skinned glass structure that provides room-high glazing for the best possible view of London. The upper floors of the building are equipped with full width terraces.

GU solution:

Ventilation without interfering with the facade design

More leeway in facade design through ventilation elements in the storey transitions. Indirect natural ventilation: Ventilation flaps in the intermediate floors, motor-controlled by the user. Technique: Folding, lowering or parallel flap fittings (drawer).

On behalf of the European facade specialist Yuanda Europe, Gretsch-Unitas developed and supplied a wide variety of fittings for the following window applications: Manual projecting  top-hung windows, motorised ventilation flaps, manual room-high turn-only windows with sash weights up to 250 kg, and manual curved turn windows with sash weights up to 150 kg, concealed built-in clampable aluminium hinges for high sash weights in special design, manual turn windows in various sash geometries and in the roof area various sash geometries to be able to open these for cleaning purposes.

Functionality of the ventilation flaps in the video