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Swing-door drives

Swing-door drives by GU Automatic offer state-of-the-art barrier-free entrance solutions.

Fire and smoke protection doors must close securely in the event of an emergency. However, it is also desirable for inside and exterior doors or doors in the facade to close automatically. However, a closed or difficult to open door is an obstacle and not barrier-free. This is where swing-door drives are used, which open and close automatically, thus ensuring comfort and security.

The swing-door drives ensure secure closure yet allow comfortable access via the radar motion sensor, push-button or access control system. Entrance doors in the facade can also make use of the benefits of the swing-door drive: when combined with a multi-point lock, burglar protection and escape route safety are equally possible as well as barrier freedom.


DTN 80

The swing-door drive DTN 80 has a patented double-spring system which ensures a high closing force before the closing position. This ensures that even under difficult constructional conditions the door closes securely, quietly and completely.

Under these kind of difficult constructional conditions – such as draughts, wind, positive pressure in double door systems, or the need to overcome the mechanical resistance of gaskets or multi-point locks – it cannot be ensured that doors will close reliably. This challenge is particularly noticeable just before the door engages in the lock. This is when the force of the closing spring, which is applied throughout the entire closing operation, is at its weakest.

GU has therefore installed two spring assemblies in the DTN 80 swing-door drive, instead of just one. The second acts, controlled by a cam disc, just before the door reaches the closing position – in other words, exactly at the point where a higher closing force is required.

The swing-door drive DTN 80 can be installed in single-leaf and double-leaf swing doors. Large passage widths up to 3200 mm can be implemented in this case. DTN 80 is suitable for all frame materials and can also be retrofitted to existing elements. It can be supplied in various surfaces. Automation of existing swing doors is possible at any time by retrofitting the DTN 80.

The DTN 80 ensures convenient passage through doors and can be used on all certified swing doors up to resistance class RC4. It can also securely close wide fire and smoke protection doors up to a closing force size of EN 7.

Wind tightness and tightness against driving rain

When used in combination with the DTN 80 swing-door drive, certified swing doors satisfy the performance characteristics described in EN 14351-1 and therefore provide a tight seal.

Fire protection and accessibility

The DTN 80 swing-door drive is the perfect solution for barrier freedom at fire protection doors, such as those found in hospitals and residential homes System solutions for escape and rescue routes.

The DTN 80 swing-door drive satisfies the requirements of the EN 179 and EN 1125 standards in combination with the tested and approved units consisting of panic lock and door hardware from GU group.

More details
Drehtürantrieb DTN 80
  • Universal application
  • All applications can be implemented using only one swing-door drive:
  • 1- and 2-leaf swing doors: fire rated doors, escape doors, pull-open or push-open
  • For door leaf weights up to 600 kg
  • For door leaf widths up to 1600 mm
  • Patented energy-store consisting of two spring assemblies which can be adjusted separately
  • Closing force instead of latching speed
  • Patented closing damping via the dynamic effect of the drive motor
  • Door closer effect
  • Servo assistance adjustable from 0°
  • 24 V/2.5 A power supply for external components
  • High dynamics and therefore high opening speed
  • Mechanical closing sequence control for 2-leaf fire protection doors or for doors in escape routes concealed under the drive cladding
  • Modular system reduces inventory management
  • Quiet running properties make it particularly suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas, such as offices or hospitals.
  • Convenient adjustment options directly at the drive via the rotary knob/push-button with integrated display under the drive cladding
  • Assembly friendly: retaining pins on the camshaft make spring-biased assembly easier
  • Elegant and stable design of scissor-action arm and slide rail
  • Certified quality: type-tested by TÜV according to EN 16005, tested by VdS and MPA according to DIN 18263-4/EN 1158, DIBt type approval (application lodged)

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