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Controlled physical access

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High-quality products for controlled physical access such as turn blockers, vertical turnstiles, sensor barriers and full-height turnstiles are a reliable means of enhancing building security and user safety. A tailor-made visually appealing solution can be found for every application and each customer requirement in the extensive range of solutions, variants and equipment.

Controlled physical access systems in sensitive security areas satisfy the most exacting demands for security, access and convenience: from safeguarding the facade through to controlled physical access in the building and the complete solution in conjunction with an access control system as part of an additional escape and rescue route or as barrier-free access. The controlled physical access can be conveniently controlled from the reception area via a user-friendly control panel.

Controlled physical access systems must satisfy the highest of expectations because people pass through them thousands of times and they are rarely handled gently. Our systems are a cost-effective investment thanks to their long service life, low maintenance requirements, high energy efficiency and high-quality workmanship



3-arm turnstiles

Whether activated individually or in series, or indoors or outdoors, three-arm turnstiles are the most common type of access control and are highly versatile. In the normal operating state, an electric brake holds the turnstile in the locked position. When released by a reader system or manually, via the control panel for example, this brake is disengaged to allow access. A gentle pressure is sufficient to trigger the drive and release the turnstile. All GU group turn blockers are available as three-arm turnstiles, or two-arm turnstiles for barrier-free access and additional escape route solutions.

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GSI security curved sliding door

Access control possible in the narrowest space thanks to a minimal diameter of 1300 mm. A sense of transparency is still retained thanks to the high proportion of glass. A 2-zone contact floor mat is used to monitor the passage area for authorised or unauthorised users. The door leaves are locked in the initial position by an electro-mechanical locking mechanism. If authorisation is granted by an access control system, the door opens automatically. As soon as the user steps on the contact mat, the access door will close. As soon as the door has closed, the door opposite opens automatically. The user can now exit the passing area. Unauthorised access causes the passing cycle to be interrupted. The corresponding door will remain open until the passing area is empty again.

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Sicherheitsrundschleuse GSI

GSI security revolving door

The GSI security revolving door is an efficient solution for controlling access to security-sensitive buildings or areas within a building. In addition to functionality, the focus is also on the aesthetics of the building architecture. In the initial position, the GSI security revolving door is locked. The door is released via an access control system – persons without access authorisation are guided out of the security revolving door away from the entrance.

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Sicherheitskarusselltür GSI

Reader posts and pedestrian guiding bars

The purpose of reader posts in general is to accommodate access control systems, LED lights and escape door terminals. They are primarily used with swing gates and also with the GU-GT 1000 vertical turnstile, as integration into the housing of the controlled physical access system is not possible in these cases.

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Lesersäulen und Spurteiler

Full-height turnstiles

Plant security, leisure facilities, stadiums or in transition areas between the building and underground garage: whatever the application, GU group motorised full-height turnstiles come in many different versions and specifications and therefore cover all requirements of secure controlled physical access for outdoor areas. Tried-and-tested standard modules combined with various roof and lighting variants satisfy a wide range of customer requests – in both new-build and retrofit projects. Due to the 120° indexing, all GU group full-height turnstiles offer a high degree of pass-through comfort and reliable separation.

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Swing gates

3-arm turnstiles and turnstiles represent a hindrance to parents with prams, wheelchair bound persons and travellers with luggage. The controlled physical access system is convenient to pass through in both directions when combined with GU group motor-driven swing gates. The swing gates are made of rustproof materials and are therefore not just suitable for office buildings, but also leisure facilities or airports. The integrated planetary gear ensures a precise reliable zero position with opposing double entrances.


Sensor turnstiles

User-friendly access comfort, high throughput capacity and sophisticated optics: sensor barriers offer outstanding solutions for controlled physical access.   Eight integrated light barriers per lane monitor the interior, protect against unauthorised entry and ensure convenient contact-free access.

Trapezoidal pillars in which card readers and release displays can be installed are mounted on the front and rear of the barrier body. DUO versions of both sensor barriers are also available which allows the grouping of barriers.

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