Glass partitions create light-flooded rooms and elegant room layouts

Glass partitions can be used to divide rooms transparently. They open, divide and separate rooms according to the desired use and design options.

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Smart Security – security for flexible application

The area of Smart Security by BKS is continuously being developed and expanded. Solutions are available for an extensive range of applications: from CCTV systems, burglar alarm systems and video intercom systems in private houses through to customer-specific versions for companies.

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Gretsch-Unitas cancels participation at BAU 2021

Even if various loosening measures make an end to the crisis seem foreseeable, this - unprecedented - exceptional situation is still not predictable.

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Temperature screening with GEMOS

Preventive infection protection for your company.

Covid-19 poses major challenges to health care systems and public life all over the world. In virtually all companies and public institutions, preventive measures are currently being re-evaluated in order to contain the spread of infection. In…

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BKS vernetzt - Vernetzte Sicherheits- und Gebäudetechnik

BKS network security solutions

The services of BKS connect offer all-encompassing solutions for networked building security.

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GU-SECURY Automatic-DR: Increased safety – more convenience

The new GU-SECURY Automatic-DR locking system combines safety with ease of use

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The fascination lift&slide – reinvented by the inventor

More than 60 years of lift&slide competence at Gretsch-Unitas. To mark this anniversary, GU has completely revised and reissued the catalogues of lift&slide fittings for wood, metal and PVC.

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Barrier-free construction – Gretsch-Unitas system solutions

"Our goal must be to separate barrier-free building from the topic of "disability" and instead see it as a comfort that can be taken for granted."

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Security for your home – video technology from BKS

"Thieves thrive on opportunity" – so most burglars don't care whether it's your house or the neighbour's. Perpetrators look for the easiest and quickest route. A video surveil-lance system has proven to be an effective deterrent to would-be burglars. More and more homeowners want to protect…

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VTS concealed door closer with free-swing function

Unrestricted everyday access – closing force activated in the event of fire. Design, comfort and accessibility with modular system.


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