GEMOS Building management system

  • GEMOS is the leading physical security information management system (PSIM) in the German market with over 750 different manufacturer-neutral interfaces and over 1000 installations.
  • GEMOS is manufacturer-neutral, i.e. integration of systems from different manufacturers is possible.
  • The web-based interface makes it possible to design customised user interfaces in accordance with customer needs.
  • Superior availability thanks to various redundancy concepts (network, server, database, etc.).
  • Special solutions for different sectors such as multifunctional sports arenas, penal facilities or data centres
  • The direct import of CAD drawings in the frequently occurring construction drawing format, allows floor plans to be stored directly as an orientation aid.
  • High scalability thanks to flexible licence models, divided into four levels of smart, light, standard and professional
  • Software, hardware, and licences with modular system design
  • The GEMOS PSIM and organisation system makes it possible to adapt to individual customer user profiles.
  • Thanks to the integration of network interfaces and cable connections provided, the entire control, operation and monitoring of security and media technology facilities as well as of buildings can be managed in a modular and flexible manner.
  • 17500 messages per minute
  • 750 interfaces
  • 1000 installed master key systems

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