5368 ixalo SE wall reader

Many buildings have access points which do not consist of a classic door: there are roller shutters, car park barriers, elevators, or barrier-free entrances. With ixalo wall readers, you can operate these access points with the same access medium as the electronic cylinders used within the master key system. The ixalo wall reader releases motor-driven locks, electric strikes, swing-door drives or sliding doors to authorised transponders. At predefined times, if desired.

Features and benefits of ixalo wall readers:

  • Combinable with all mechanical master key systems

  • Controlled activation of motor-driven locks, swing door drives, car park barriers

  • Large memory for event storage (can be deactivated)

  • Freely programmable response time

  • Many special functions (four-eye principle, time switch and others)

  • Contactless programming with programming device or online via bus

  • Upgradable firmware

  • Freely definable time frames, holidays and vacation durations

  • Electronics securely accommodated at the interior (in conjunction with an external reader)

  • The ixalo wall reader small version is suitable for installation in narrow stile profiles

Technical data

 ixalo wall readerixalo wall reader small
Dimensions (W x H x D)37 x 46,4 x 38,5 mm44 x 75 x 29 mm
Power supplyDC 12 - 24 V (internal protection against reverse polarity)DC 12 - 24 V (internal protection against reverse polarity)
Relay outputpotential-free two-way contact, contact load DC 30 V, 2 A/AC 125 V, 0.5 A
Protection classdepending on installation situation and wall switch designIP54
InterfaceRS485, SE busRS485, SE bus
Temperature range-25 °C to +70 °C, relative humidity: up to 95%, non condensing-25 °C to +70 °C, relative humidity: up to 95%, non condensing
Transponder / programming interfacecapacitivecapacitive
Signallingaudible/visual (3 LEDs)audible/visual (3 LEDs)


  • Type of access point: Wall reader
  • Technology: ixalo SE (aktives System)
  • Key type: Active transponder
  • Drive type: Electronic
  • Explosion protection: No
  • Type of programming: OFFLINE, ONLINE, DataOn Transponder

Öffnet Tore, Schranken oder
barrierefreie Zugänge

In vielen Gebäuden gibt es Zugänge, die nicht aus klas­si­schen Türen bestehen: Roll­tore, Parkschranken, Auf­züge oder barrie­refreie Zugänge. Mit ixalo-Wand­le­sern können diese Zugänge mit dem­selben Zutritts­medium bedient werden wie die mechatronischen oder elek­tro­ni­schen Zylinder der rest­li­chen Schließ­anlage. Der Wand­leser gibt Motor­schlösser, Tür­öffner, Drehtür­a­n­triebe oder Schie­be­türen für berech­tigte Transponder frei. Wenn gewünscht, auch zeit­lich begrenzt.

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