Well designed and long-lasting: the basics

Even the standard components are impressive owing to a well thought out design and construction which ensures problem-free functionality of all Lift&Slide components which normally lasts the entire lifetime of the Lift&Slide element.

We ensure straightforward, time-saving and safe assembly with fabricator-friendly components, a comprehensive range of fixing accessories and support with planning and design of each Lift&Slide element tailored to individual requirements.

  • New guide rail P 2301 for lift and slide systems -wood: high tightness as well as easy and silent movement
  • Lift&Slide bogies: ease of operation and comfortable running smoothness
  • Lift&Slide gears: precision and quality, outstanding resilience and durability
  • Stainless steel frame cam: securely locked with R 2-/RC 3-tested burglar inhibition
  • 90° gasket corner: maximum tightness, also in the tiniest corner
  • L&S locking system for pattern G1, symmetrical: efficient solution for secure locking upwards into the frame and downwards into the threshold
  • Barrier-free threshold: universal solution for added convenience
  • GU-thermostep pre-assembled threshold for Lift&Slide elements: made to measure for on-the-spot installation
  • Structural connection for GU-thermostep thresholds: professional sealing as a one-stop service

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