Special designs tailored to individual requirements

Gretsch-Unitas develops innovative, mechanical or electronically controlled opening systems for building contractors who expect that special extra and for architects with vision. The scope of services also includes the development of a hardware solution and, if required, testing and endurance testing on test windows, and project management. The diverse number of projects with Gretsch-Unitas special hardware solutions pays proof to the competence of our experts. The same solutions can be applied to windows made of aluminium, steel, timber or PVC.

Sophisticated facade solutions, also using standard hardware

Whether in London, Singapore, New York, Zürich, Istanbul or Taipei: exclusive apartments in the world's metropolises are high up in the sky. Skyscrapers have been changing from the domain of exclusive offices to that of the noble private address for some time now. These are not any old 20-storey block of flats, but rather intelligent one-off designs by famous international architects.
Buildings of this kind need to have facades of a correspondingly elaborate design. Their form and function can be implemented thanks to the unusual expertise from Gretsch-Unitas. This is because experts take project-related special parts developed exclusively for individual projects as innovative engineering work and combine them with elements from the tried-and-tested GU assortment. In this way, the requirements for novel opening types and shapes of windows can be met whilst retaining unique aesthetic appeal, while the costs for the fabricator remain totally competitive. At the same time, the architect's requirement for automated or manual operation is taken into account.In this exclusive segment, the range of services extends from technical planning and design through to production of the special parts and handling of the project together with customers all over the world.

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