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The 2015 seminar pro­gramme of the GU Group

Among the more than 100 semi­nars offered by the GU Group, there is most cer­tainly one that is of interest to you. The seminar dates were fixed in such a way that it is pos­sible to attend an individual seminar or a set of consecu­tive semi­nars related to a topic.

The topics in 2015 are once more very ver­sa­tile and range from window and door tech­no­logy via automatic entrance sys­tems through to the cur­rent trends regarding modern architecture, technical stan­dards and direc­tives. In light of cur­rent events, we have extended our range of semi­nars for modern escape and rescue routes in the area of door tech­no­logy to include the licensing seminar for PVC door manu­factu­rers leading to acqui­si­tion of the ITT license "Ability to release" to DIN 14351-1. Our seminar for expert quali­fica­tion in smoke detec­tors to DIN 14676 is is also new and is already taking place in February.

Addi­tio­nally, in 2015 we are once again offe­ring many semi­nars that are recog­nised as advanced trai­ning events by several Chambers of Architects and Engineers.

We look forward to welcoming you in our semi­nars.

Seminar pro­gramme 2015

Here you will find an over­view of our compre­hensive range of semi­nars sorted by topics and target groups.

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fensterbau frontale

Nuremberg, Germany

21.03. - 24.03.2018

Bau 2017 - Fassadenlösungen der GU-Gruppe
Bau 2017 - Fassadenlösungen der GU-Gruppe
Bau 2017 - Fenster- und Türlösungen der GU-Gruppe
Bau 2017 - Fenster- und Türlösungen der GU-Gruppe
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