GEMOS­ building manage­ment system

Sector-specific solu­tion: Are­naControl

As planner or supplier of sports venues and multi-pur­pose arenas you surely make great demands on the technical equip­ment of the facility. Beside a highly available IT and telecom­mu­nica­tion structure and sophisticated secu­rity tech­no­logy, the media tech­no­logy equip­ment such as loudspea­kers and scoreboards is crucial for the visi­tors' accept­ance.

GEMOS­ Are­naControl controls all relevant compon­ents such as loudspeaker and sound sys­tems, scoreboards, TV sets, or IT and telecom­mu­nica­tion appli­ances. For diffe­ring require­ments depending on the event, the system offers you prede­fined sce­na­rios and user inter­faces for individual work sta­tions. Thanks to the pos­si­bility of flexible, software­-based­system networking, GEMOS­ Are­naControl is the ideal plat­form for all require­ments typical of this sector.

Trade fairs


Munich, Germany

05.07. - 06.07.2017

You will find us in hall 4, stand E 10


Atlanta, USA

12.09. - 14.09.2017

Bau 2017 - Fassadenlösungen der GU-Gruppe
Bau 2017 - Fassadenlösungen der GU-Gruppe
Bau 2017 - Fenster- und Türlösungen der GU-Gruppe
Bau 2017 - Fenster- und Türlösungen der GU-Gruppe
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