More comfort and safety with Lift&Slide elements

More comfort and safety with Lift&Slide elements                            

The strategic direction of Gretsch-Unitas is primarily driven by system solutions, comfort and safety. The aim is to deliver hardware to the customer and user that offers outstanding ease of use. With hardware development nowadays, the priority is to include new system solutions in the product range that can be used across a range of products and offer outstanding comfort and safety.

Large-format Lift&Slide doors have been right at the top of the architectural wish list ever since Gretsch-Unitas invented the first hardware system for Lift&Slide doors back in 1958. GU offers comprehensive solutions for high-quality Lift&Slide technology. The many enhancements and additional packages make it possible to design and produce Lift&Slide solutions perfectly tailored to customer requirements. Existing elements can be easily retrofitted to meet specific requirements and requests. GU hardware components have a fabricator-friendly design; a wide range of fixing accessories and detailed documentation is available. GU products can be fabricated particularly easily, fast and safely using these materials.

The market today requires that windows and doors should be intuitive to operate, have motor support and be barrier-free. In the area of Lift&Slide hardware, Gretsch-Unitas has developed a Lift&Slide door with a 100% barrier-free specification. Both a barrier-free threshold and a completely concealed HS ePOWER drive are integrated in this Lift&Slide door, that allows any user to open the door at the highest level of comfort, move through it and close it. This RC2-compatible system solution features an VdS approved locking monitoring system and is smart-home compatible.

Gretsch-Unitas is the only hardware manufacturer whose product range includes thresholds for house entrance doors, patio doors and Lift&Slide doors that can be made barrier-free by equipping them with the same components without changing the existing threshold. All characteristics of the existing thresholds, such as thermal insulation and tightness, remain unchanged. The fabrication and production also remain unchanged. This situation is important for our fabricators and gives them the necessary peace of mind when it comes to the doors they produce. This means that low inventory management overheads, and fast and straightforward installation of components are now already a matter of course.            

Further comfort features of the GU Lift&Slide hardware:

  • HS SilentClose is a damping unit that gently brakes the L&S sash as it travels to the open and closed position and moves it to the corresponding end position. This means exceptional ease of use, reduced danger of entrapment and prevents impacts between the sash and frame resulting in damage. The damping unit can be installed fully concealed and is suitable for elements with sash weights up to 400 kg. The HS StopUnit damping unit also gently brakes the Lift&Slide sash, the Lift&Slide sash is then pushed manually to the corresponding end position.
  • GU has added the HS LiftUnit to its range in order to noticeably reduce the operating force on the handle. The HS LiftUnit greatly eases operation of the Lift&Slide door, especially for high sash weights, as the torque on the handle is reduced by 50%. It can be retrofitted to existing Lift&Slide doors.
  • The handle damper ensures controlled lowering of the sliding sash and prevents the turn handle from recoiling. The HS SpeedLimiter prevents acceleration of the sash to avoid physical injury and damage to the building structure. Ideally suited for installation in public buildings such as, e.g. schools.
  • The GU-thermostep threshold for Lift&Slide elements can be ordered pre-assembled. The tested and mutually compatible components threshold, extension profile and installation kit combine to form a complete system for structural connection. To satisfy the highest design expectations and to maximise the glazing in the area of the fixed panel, the GU-thermostep is also available for panoramic glazing.
  • The HS night vent module combines burglar protection with optimum ventilation comfort. Elements with integrated H&S night vent module are RC 2-tested to DIN V ENV 1627, which means they are securely locked even in the ventilation position.