Report on the trade fair participation at BAU, Munich

Paving the way for the future

Accessibility goes hand in hand with comfort, because it also benefits people who are only temporarily restricted in their mobility, such as parents with pushchairs or small children, people transporting bulky purchases or luggage, or people walking with crutches. Every planner and contractor should know and implement the "basic rules" of barrier-free construction. Windows and doors as movable and functional construction elements are of special significance, as they are used almost daily.

The GU group regards barrier-free construction as sustainable construction. This ensures freedom of movement and comfort for every building user. By collaborating closely with architects, planners and developers, all-encompassing solutions that are tailored to the target groups and protection objectives can be found.

In order to ensure best-possible comfort for all building users, all components must work perfectly together – also across all technical trades. This is why the GU group offers one-stop comprehensive solutions – from the door threshold through to the central building management system, from window hardware through to automated facade control systems. Thus, comfortable operation and appropriate aesthetics are combined – an important basis for safeguarding the value of the building in the long term.

Hardware for comfort on Lift&Slide elements

The market today requires that windows and doors should be intuitive to operate, have motor support and be barrier-free. In the area of Lift&Slide hardware, GU presented a 100% barrier-free Lift&Slide door. It is equipped with a barrier-free threshold and the concealed HS ePOWER motor drive. This RC2-compatible system solution features an VdS approved locking monitoring system and is smart-home compatible.

Easy lifting without a motor: New features for more comfort on manual Lift&Slide elements were also presented. The HS LiftUnit aroused particularly great interest. Ever-larger and ever-heavier glass surfaces in Lift&Slide elements also increase the operating forces – the operating torque at the handle rises. The HS LiftUnit now greatly eases operation of the Lift&Slide door, especially for high sash weights, as the torque on the handle is reduced by 50%. Visitors to the fair were able to see for themselves the ease of movement in a direct comparison, as one handle with and one without LiftUnit was mounted on the exhibited Lift&Slide door with sash weights of over 200 kg.

Comfortable, secure, fast

Solutions for barrier freedom must also reflect the exacting security requirements for public buildings. The motor-driven shoot-bolt lock in conjunction with automatic swing-door drives is particularly suitable for exactly this application. The Gretsch-Unitas group offers a solution from one single source with optimally matched components that guarantee fast, secure and comfortable opening and closing of the door.

The motor-driven shoot-bolt lock (MTRS) is equipped with a very fast acting motor – the door leaves open immediately when actuated, e.g. via a contact or push-button. The special feature of this lock is that the active sash can also be opened by motor without using a motor-driven lock on the active sash. For the daily coming and going it offers a permanently open function. The MTRS can be used for fire protection doors and is suitable for barrier-free construction in compliance with DIN 18040. The lock offers enhanced security owing to the locking elements at the top and bottom of the passive leaf.

DTN 80 swing-door drive – closing force instead of latching speed

Fire and smoke protection doors must close securely in the event of a fire. However, a closed or difficult to open door is an obstacle and not barrier-free. This is where swing-door drives are used, which open and close automatically, thus ensuring freedom of movement and security. The new DTN 80 swing-door drive has a patented double-spring system that ensures that the door closes securely, quietly and completely – without latching action but by spring force. Entrance doors in the facade can also make use of the benefits of the swing-door drive: when combined with a multi-point lock, burglar protection and escape route safety are equally possible as well as barrier freedom.

The barrier-free threshold solution from Gretsch-Unitas for house and balcony-doors made of wood and PVC

The floor-flush threshold is a tested system solution for house and balcony-doors. Architects and planners can plan barrier-free doors and fabricators can fabricate barrier-free doors without having to change their production.

The GU system thresholds are CE-certified and have a thermal break that prevents the formation of moisture in the interior. They are available to fit various profile systems. Thanks to the great number of available depths, the threshold is suitable for almost every installation situation in new buildings and renovation.

In addition, strikers can be installed flush in balcony-doors, in an area of the threshold that is specially designed for this purpose. The patented additional lock by GU also allows the standard Tilt&Turn hardware to be used with the barrier-free solution without additional milling work. Thanks to harmonised accessories, the threshold can be installed such that the bottom area of the door complies with the prevailing standards and regulations. The threshold solution is suitable up to RC 2 and gives high tightness up to 9A. A further advantage is the free choice of the drainage system.

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