Gretsch-Unitas at BAU fair, Munich, January 14.-19. 2019

Barrier-free, safe and convenient from underground car parks to roof terraces: The GU Group presents complete solutions from door thresholds to central building management systems, from window fittings to automated façade control.

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Security 2018 Gleanings

The Security Fair presented itself with a new hall layout. The Gretsch-Unitas group of companies was in Hall 3 - Access, Mechatronics, Mechanics and Systems. The main topics were system solutions for access control and for doors in escape and rescue routes. On display were innovations,...

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BKS feiert Geburtstag - Zylinderproduktion. BKS

The BKS brand is celebrating its birthday

BKS – one of the best-known brands in the field of locking technology and security – was 115 years old in May of this year. BKS GmbH is internationally renowned for the manufacture of locks, locking cylinders, master key systems, and door hardware for projects and escape doors.

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Sealing and insulation of the lower window connection with the GU sill frame

The GU sill frame is approved for passive house, efficiency house KFW 40 Plus, 40 and 55. It ensures, in addition to thermal and sound insulation, air tightness on the inside and resistance to driving rain on the outside.

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GU frame for projecting installation – a load-bearing and heat-insulating substructure

Energy-efficient building is currently an extremely important issue in the market. However, insulation alone is not enough. After all, it is also important that the loads of window elements installed in the insulation plane are safely absorbed. This must also satisfy very high standards in relation...

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A safe decision: cutting edge function and design

The janus reversible key offers protection as standard against bumping, drilling/picking protection against forced opening, as well as the emergency function that prevents blocking by inserted keys.

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Secure in many respects

Multi-point locking for doors with enhanced safety requirements: SECURY ePOWER – the motor-driven multi-point lock of Gretsch-Unitas.

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The barrier-free threshold solution for house entrance doors, balcony doors and Lift&Slide elements

The convenience range from Gretsch-Unitas group offers flush-to-floor thresholds as a tested system solution for house entrance doors, balcony doors and Lift&Slide elements, offering a barrier-free solution for the door types mentioned using the same components and with identical appearance. ...

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Parallelausstelungsfenster in Rautenform. GU Gruppe

Diamond-shaped Parallel-Projecting window – now also available in frameless design

The requirements on windows as facade elements are becoming ever more demanding. As well as the aesthetic demands on modern facades, planning needs to take account of aspects such as security, ventilation functions, and heavy sash weights.

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Mehrfachverriegelung. GU Gruppe

Door locked, escape route clear

Frankfurt Regional Court rules that house entrance doors in multi-family houses must not be locked – GU has the solution.

Secure from the outside, accessible from the inside at any time – the GU-SECURY Automatic3 TEOR multi-point lock conforms to the requirements of the current jurisdiction for...

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