FE SRI-VTS 73x 26x32 slide rail set

with GS VTS 73x 26x32 functional slide rail, with hold-open, electromechanical FE-VTS and with SRI-VTS door-leaf coordinator

  • Solution for 2-leaf doors with total door leaf widths up to 2500 mm

  • Tested and certified in accordance with EN 1155 and EN 1158

  • Tested and approved by DIBt according to the guidelines for hold-open systems


SRI-VTS door-leaf coordinator 73x 26x32

  • Mechanical door-leaf coordinator (SRI) integrated into the slide rail to ensure doors are closed safely and in the correct sequence at all times.

  • Microswitch in the active leaf supplied as standard: guarantees that the passive leaf closes if the active leaf is manually unlatched from the hold-open position.


FE-VTS 73x 26x32 electromechanical hold-open device

  • Device that is integrated and pre-mounted In the slide rail and allows a door to be held open at a chosen angle until it is closed electrically.

  • The active leaf can be held open independently of the passive leaf at any time.


Door closers of series VTS 73x

Door closers in the VTS 73x series are not included in the scope of delivery of the slide rail set and must be ordered separately.
When used in combination with the slide rail set, 2 VTS 73x door closers must always be ordered.

  • Door closer type: Concealed door closers
  • Number of door leafs: Double-leaf
  • Maximale Türflügelbreite (1-flügelig, in mm): 2500
  • Function: Hold-open system according to EN 1155, Approved for fire and smoke protection doors
  • 2-leaf fire and smoke protection doors

  • 2-leaf swing doors

  • Max. total door leaf width: 2500 mm

  • Min. single-leaf width of passive leaf: 600 mm[2]

  • DIN left and DIN right usable

  • Installation of the closer body in the door leaf, installation of the slide rail in the upper door frame

  • Max. door opening and closing angle up to 120°[3]

  • Installation with a door leaf thickness from 40 mm

  • Rebate clearance heights up to max. 22 mm

  • Additional proof of suitability is required with fire protection doors

[2]Depending on the position of the vertical rod.

[3]Depending on the door situation. Position door stop for max. door opening angle.


SRI-VTS 73x door-leaf coordinator for use on 2-leaf full-panic doors in escape and rescue routes

A suitable carrier bar must always be used with double-leaf full-panic doors installed in escape and rescue routes. This ensures that when the door is opened via the passive leaf (in emergency situations), the active leaf is carried at least as far as the beginning of the action range of the (SRI-VTS 73x) door leaf coordinator.

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