VTS 735 and VTS 735/4 door closer set

with GS VTS 73x 20x12 standard slide rail

  • Door closer for 1-leaf doors with door leaf widths up to 1250 mm concealed in door leaf

  • Tested in accordance with EN 1154

  • Door closer type: Concealed door closers
  • Number of door leafs: Single-leaf
  • Maximale Türflügelbreite (1-flügelig, in mm): 1250
  • Function: Barrier-free construction in compliance with DIN 18040 and DIN SPEC 1104, Approved for fire and smoke protection doors
  • 1-leaf fire and smoke protection doors

  • 1-leaf swing doors

  • Min. door leaf width 600 mm

  • Max. door leaf width 1250 mm

  • DIN left and DIN right-handed

  • Installation of the closer body in the door leaf, installation of the slide rail in the upper door frame

  • Max. door opening and closing angle up to 120°[3]

  • Door leaf thicknesses from 40 mm

  • Rebate clearance heights up to max. 22 mm

  • Additional proof of suitability is required with fire protection doors

[3]Depending on the door situation. Position door stop for max. door opening angle.

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