GU R 816 3D – Barrel hinge

up to 160 kg

Overview of features

The barrel hinge for commercial and residential buildings
  • Slender and round – hinge diameter of only 22 mm – for high-quality PVC doors in commercial and residential buildings
  • The hinge pin is proof against being sawn through as standard
  • Increased burglar resistance, SKG-certified (two stars)
  • CE-certified according to EN 1935 in the highest hinge grade, can be used for doors in escape and rescue routes
  • Can continuously withstand high loads, tested up to hinge grade 14, 160 kg load-bearing capacity
  • Direct screwing using special self-tapping screws, the gasket level is not interrupted
  • Optional fastening options with fastening claw or fixing plate where the gasket level is not interrupted

Product characteristics

  • Simple service-friendly one-man-installation
  • Can be quickly and conveniently adjusted in three dimensions
  • No roll offset following lateral adjustment
  • Increased burglar resistance, SKG-certified
  • Hardened security pin
  • Optional fixing accessories
  • Can withstand high loads up to 160 kg, depending on the profile design


  • Aluminium frame and leaf part
  • Stainless steel pins


  • 16 to 21 mm
  • 19 to 28 mm
  • Area of application: House entrance door, Project door, Balcony door
  • For elements of: PVC
  • Functional area: Burglar inhibition, Sound insulation
  • Bandtyp: Barrel hinge
  • Rebate version: rebated
  • Maximale Belastbarkeit (in kg): 160
  • Einstellbarkeit: 3D

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