• Five locking points comprising two MR bolt/roller cams combinations provide for secure and tight door locking
  • Locking is not done via the key but by moving the door handle upward; this allows for a much better force transmission to overcome the frame gasket resistance
  • Breaking the key by accident is impossible
  • Easy closing even if the door is warped
  • The MR bolts feature a hardened steel insert making them proof against being sawn through in accordance with SKG directives
  • The adjustable roller cams optimise the gasket pressure in the upper and lower area of the door, thus providing enhanced tightness for better heat and sound insulation.
  • For locks of the type: Multi-point locks
  • Number of door leafs: Single-leaf, Double-leaf
  • For elements of: Timber / steel doors, Aluminium doors / Narrow stile doors, PVC doors
  • Function: Standard function
  • Application: Standardtüren
  • Centre lock: Manual locking
  • Opening from the outside: Keys and handles
  • Apartment and side entrance doors

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