Exchange, equipping or customising with only a few components: GU-SECURY X multi-point lock consisting of a main lock case and a top and bottom lock set with additional locking element
Low-cost – simple – flexible:
Without removal of the door, an old multi-point lock can be replaced on site by a new GU-SECURY X, thus enhancing the door's security. Even special versions are possible.
Locking types: roller-cam, round bolt, massive bolt, hook bolt, and Automatic latchbolt

  • Easy installation with comfortable coupling point and mounting pin to fix the connecting-rod into place
  • FleXible use (suitable for various door heights)
  • Variable handle height and locking positions possible
  • Additional intermediate faceplates for extension if required
  • Identical lock versions for timber, PVC and metal doors
  • As a kit comprising the main lock case and extension set (top/bottom)
  • Central-lock latch DIN L/DIN R reversible
  • For locks of the type: Multi-point locks
  • Number of door leafs: Single-leaf
  • For elements of: Timber / steel doors, Aluminium doors / Narrow stile doors, PVC doors
  • Function: Standard function
  • Application: High doors
  • Centre lock: Manual locking
  • Mechanical solutions: Coupleable
  • Opening from the outside: Key
  • For apartment and side entrance doors

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