for 1-leaf doors

The combination of self-locking panic lock and electrically escape door locking provides a compact solution which significantly reduces the planning and production time for architects and door fabricators. The combination of these two products, which is unique in the market, unites various benefits in one system. The cables are installed in the door frame.
The electrical locking point has been ideally integrated below the panic lock. The automatic latchbolt ensures that the door is securely locked even in the event of a power failure and dispenses with the need to lock the door manually! When the escape door locking is enabled, the building can be exited at any time by operating the lever handle or push bar.

  • For locks of the type: Multi-point locks
  • Number of door leafs: Single-leaf
  • For elements of: Timber / steel doors
  • Function: Panic function E
  • Application: Emergency exits according to EN 179, escape doors in accordance with EN 1125, Fire and smoke protection doors
  • Centre lock: Automatic locking, Electrical locking
  • Opening from the outside: Key

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